Freedom Home Health

Once upon a time, it was common practice for health care to be delivered in the home. Today we are seeing a swing back towards the days of house calls, but with a more innovative and evidence-based delivery model. Home health care refers to the in-home delivery of services including skilled nursing, physical, occupational, and speech therapies, as well as home health aide assistance as ordered by a physician. Home health care is an attractive alternative to prolonged stays in a hospital or nursing home, since everyone prefers to be at home. Receiving care at home is also more convenient and affordable.

Effective home health care works to help clients avoid institutional care or to recover, recuperate, and regain strength after institutional care has been necessary. The goal of all home health care providers is to help clients maintain their independence so that they can continue to live at home successfully.

Freedom Home Health is an effective healthcare provider as evidenced by consistent positive feedback from our client satisfaction surveys and our strong relationships with a wide array of healthcare organizations and professionals within our community. Our mission is to restore and revitalize you or your loved one so that you or your loved one can realize full potential and remain healthy and independent.

Freedom Home Health provides skilled services as a Medicare-certified agency. This means that we have passed a rigorous screening process and are held to Medicare conditions of participation. We are subject to unannounced Medicare surveys or inspections, and the results of those visits are always a matter of public record. In addition, the care we provide is measured and then reported to the public through our Home Health Compare scores as dictated by Medicare.

Freedom Home Health is a successful Medicare-certified agency as evidenced by our deficiency-free Medicare surveys and outstanding Home Health Compare scores.

Medicare requires that the home health care benefit be reserved for those who 1) have a physician-ordered need for skilled nursing, physical therapy, and/or speech therapy and 2) be “homebound,” meaning leaving your home creates a considerable and taxing effort.” If you need skilled services and you meet the homebound condition, then we can also provide occupational therapy and/or home health aide assistance if your doctor is agreeable. Every service we provide must be ordered by a doctor and your doctor is involved in all the care we provide.

Home Health Care is 100% covered by traditional Medicare!