Freedom Home Health

Transitional Care Program

All home care agencies engage in transitional care along the way, but some of us refuse to rest on the merits of standard practices. At Freedom Home Health we are passionate about the importance of understanding and providing quality transitional care, and we have opted to develop and implement a transparent policy to be shared across disciplines and settings. We want to do our part to move away from a fragmented delivery model and towards a comprehensive plan of care model. We believe we are raising the bar and holding ourselves to the highest possible best practices by introducing the Freedom Home Health 2011 Transitional Care Program.

Delivering high quality care, especially to our seniors with complex and varied health conditions who find themselves in need of services from multiple healthcare providers, requires contributions from across the care continuum.

Transitional care is important because clients are at risk for adverse outcomes due to miscommunication or lack of communication between healthcare providers during the transition. Poorly managed transitions can lead to any number of problems including but not limited to:

  • Medication errors
  • Increased stress or confusion
  • Delivery of inappropriate services
  • Unnecessary hospitalization or re-hospitalization
  • Unnecessary trip to the emergency room

We believe we each need to do our part to encourage continuity and coordination of care as our client transitions from facility to home. One of our goals at Freedom Home Health is to forge partnerships with like-minded providers who take transitional care seriously.

If you are interested in the particulars of our transitional care plan, call today and we will be happy to share the program with you.