Freedom Home Health

Speech Therapy Services

With many new advances in speech therapy, specialized care and treatments have become more effective than ever before. Regardless of your speech related issues, we offer a treatment that will aid in your progress. At Freedom Home Health, our goal is to provide you with the most experienced and proficient speech therapists to achieve better speech function and overall independence.

There are various speech defects that affect our patients, due to genetic pre-dispositions and disease. With our treatments, we address the inabilities to produce certain sounds, including pitch, volume, pronunciation, memory and swallowing challenges. Additionally, we have experienced staff members who work with post-stoke patients with conditions such as aphasia and apraxia. Visual neglect rehabilitation is an important treatment for patients that are unable to use both sides of their body, especially their mouth and sight.

Out of the various benefits of speech therapy, one of the most important is to enable healthy eating and drinking. Whether from a stroke or degenerative nerve or muscle disease, speech therapy helps patients to swallow water and food safely. With proper attention, you can also speak clearly, understand pitch changes, identify tone, re-learn sounds, become more literate, and successfully participate in conversations.

With a variety of different treatments, we also offer a speech therapy assessment to best judge the amount and frequency you will need to meet your goals.We are conveniently located with offices in Columbus and Dayton Ohio.

  • Language rehabilitation
  • Visual neglect rehabilitation
  • Memory training
  • Speech Therapy Assessments
  • Voice restoration
  • Head & Neck cancer rehabilitation
  • Swallowing rehabilitation
  • Weight loss/dehydration management
  • Caregiver education