Freedom Home Health

Our Difference

Let us show you what we mean when we say that, 'Good enough isn't good enough.'

We realize that there are other reputable agencies in the central Ohio area that provide quality care and employee compassionate, caring professionals and clinicians. We also realize that there are a smaller group of agencies who share our commitment to team building, to including families in the development of our plans of care, and to acknowledging the importance of communication. We realize that a handful of agencies share our history of deficiency free surveys, solid outcomes, and consistently positive customer service satisfaction results. So what makes Freedom different?

The answer is simple – we refuse to rest on our accomplishments. We refuse to grow complacent. We refuse to accept good enough as good enough. Instead, we demand progression, innovation, vision, intervention, forward movement, and growth. We are a proactive agency always looking to stay ahead of the pack with the implementation of new treatment programs, policy, and community service.