Freedom Home Health

Occupational Therapy Services

For whatever reason, it can be a struggle to accomplish daily tasks for many people. Occupational therapy can not only help improve the ability to be independent, it can provide support to those who may need constant attention. We have extensive experience with neurological and degenerative disorders, as well as patients afflicted with illness or injury.

From basic needs such as bathing, cooking and dressing to more mental tasks such as memory exercises, we help you learn how to better provide for yourself. At Freedom Home Health, there is no challenge beyond our scope in occupational therapy. We meet you where you are, even if that requires a great deal of help.

We also provide assistance and training on tasks such as handwriting, balancing a checkbook and managing a schedule. We understand that every patient has their own needs, and we offer individualized programs to suffice their requests.

Our goal is to help build confidence on completing daily activities, and evaluate your progress to help you improve in the future. Freedom Home Health provides the following  occupational therapy services in Columbus and Dayton Ohio:

  • Activities of daily living (Dressing, bathing, living)
  • Fine motor skills training
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Cognitive retraining