Freedom Home Health

In Home Nursing

Due to the many challenges facing the healthcare industry today in providing ongoing specialized care, in-home nursing services have been rising rapidly. As a result of high costs, hefty paperwork and shorter hospital stays, home healthcare has become a more affordable and efficient means of receiving treatment. For elderly populations, these services make recovery from surgery and medical care more accessible and tailored to their needs.

Bringing healthcare to the home allows for more freedom to see family and friends in a familiar environment. No visiting hours, no hospital food and no invasion of privacy. Having family and friends as a part of quality care is advantageous to the patient, contributing additional support and affirmation. Home healthcare nurses are highly trained to not only give quality care, but to provide emergency assistance. Having an in-home nurse on call may even save your life.

For more routine tasks, such as administering prescriptions and meals, nurses provide support to their patients. An in-home nurse has the proficiency to give insulin shots, as well as providing the right foods to stay healthy, whether for daily care or recovery. This type of care increases the quality and efficiency of recovery, with most to all patients recovering faster at home than at the hospital.

In-home nursing can also prevent future hospital visits by the recognition and treatment of health problems as they arise. In building rapport with the patient, the ease of medical care such as administering medication becomes a more salient and comfortable for both parties. As a result of specialized treatment, each patient gets the opportunity to heal and live life at their own pace.

At Freedom Home Health, we provide in home nursing services to a number of individuals throughout Columbus and the Dayton Ohio areas. Here are a list of some of our in home nursing services:

  • Wound care

  • Medication management

  • Blood Draws

  • Family case conferences

  • Ostomy care & teaching

  • Foley catheter care

  • Post-op care & teaching

  • Infection control & suture removal

  • Nursing assessments

  • Diabetic care & education

  • NG tube care & teaching

  • Injections & teaching

  • Pain management

  • Depression Intervention