Freedom Home Health

Commitment to Community Service Programs & Events

At Freedom, we understand that seniors benefit from ongoing education and staying active so we offer a number of free programs and sponsored events throughout the year designed to educate and activate. In addition, we try to do our part to facilitate socializing because we see firsthand how isolation can lead to depression and an overall decline in wellness – especially within our senior populations.

Our programs and events are always open to the general public and they are our way of contributing to senior wellness even when the attendees are not our clients. Our mission as a home health care provider is to restore wellness so that our clients can resume their independence. But it is equally rewarding when we are able to provide information and fun events that work to maintain senior independence and wellness.

We offer a Free to Learn Lecture Series that includes dozens of wellness talks including the following:

  • That Dog Gone Diabetes! – Learn what you can do today to prevent or manage this disease.
  • Oh My Aching Bones! – Learn about arthritis and what you can do to feel good again.
  • Bladder Behaving Badly? – Learn about the types, causes of, & treatments for urinary incontinence.
  • You Gotta Have Heart! – Learn about treatment & exercise options for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF).
  • Do You See What I See? – Don’t let blurry vision challenge your independence.
  • Ho-Hum! – Learn about depression in older adults and what can be done about it.
  • We Can All Age Gracefully! – Learn about aging and wellness.
  • If You Don’t Use It…You Will Lose It! – Learn about the importance of strength training among seniors.
  • The Benefits of Coffee – You might be surprised to learn what the experts have to say about coffee!
  • Dogs Barking? – Don’t tiptoe around the importance of proper foot care & exercise.

We offer and sponsor numerous fun events and activities including the following:

  • Pet Therapy – Proven to provide that little boost to make it a great day!
  • Zumba Gold – A fun exercise class with a Latin zest but modified for folks with limitations!
  • Corn Hole – A competitive but friendly beanbag toss that everyone can play!
  • Exercise Program – Tailored for our seniors to keep you moving in the right direction!
  • Fall Festival Party – Beautiful Autumn decorations plus snack & fun including Homecare bingo!

In addition, in 2011 we provided free in-services for our skilled nursing and assisted living communities, sponsored numerous senior luncheons at local senior citizen centers, sponsored and organized an OSU event for our colleagues within the industry, as well as the 1st Annual Minerva Park Health Fair. In short, we are committed to providing ongoing community service that promotes senior independence and wellness.